Rememberinbg Your Dreams

Many people think they don't dream because they don't remember dreaming, however we all dream. Many people are interested in dream interpretation, but become frustrated because no matter how hard they try, they just don't remember their dreams. Just like many things we try, sometimes trying too hard will prove unsuccessful. Here are some tips on remembering your dreams that have worked for me, and the many dreamers in my dream groups.

  • Think about remembering your dreams during the day, all day long. Say out loud to yourself "Tonight I will remember my dreams." Put a visual reminder where you will see it many times during the day - on your computer, your desk, your mirror, your calendar, on your car's console etc. I create passwords to remind myself of what goal I have for dreaming at the time. That way I type it in many times per day. My co-group facilitator Lanette Clark always trains group members to use present tense "I am remembering my dreams every night," and believes that sets a stronger intention.
  • Right before you go to sleep read about dreams, or talk about remembering your dreams with your partner. Again, say to yourself "I am now remembering dreams when I wake up."
  • Put a notepad and pencil by your bed, or in the bathroom. If you wake up during the night immediately think "What was I dreaming about?" Even if you can only catch a color, a scene, an object etc. write it down. Sometimes doing this will help your conscious mind remember more. (Example: "I was swimming in a lake" or "there was blue and black.")
  • Some people set their alarms for a certain time during the night to wake up and remember dreams.
  • It's important, that whatever way you choose, just persevere. You will begin remembering dreams if you continue to make it a priority in your life.


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