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   Are you having confusing dreams and want help understanding the meaning of your dreams?
   Are you experiencing frequent nightmares or reoccurring dreams?
   Are you concerned about the meaning of violent, bizaare, or disturbing dreams?
   Do you want to know how dream interpretation works?
   Do you want the help of a professional dream interpreter?

Owl & Night SkyThis web site is designed to help you gain insight into the meaning of your dreams. Considering you spend an average of two to three hours a night dreaming, your dream interpretation can help you emotionally, spiritually, physically and intellectually. All you have to do is learn how to uncover your unique dream language!

Your dreams reflect information directly from your unconscious, and present this information in a way unique to you. Because of this, using a dream interpretation book or dictionary will not give you the real meaning of your dreams. Your dream's meaning can only be revealed by interpreting your unique dream language revealed in your dream's content.

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This site will help you:

   Learn why you dream.
   Remember more of your dreams.
   Learn about tracking your dreams to recognize patterns of symbols and archetypes that reveal hidden dream meanings.
   Gain knowledge about the fascinating concept of lucid dreaming and how to actually have a lucid dream.
   Learn how dream interpretation works.
   Contact a dream helper who will help you with your own dream interpretation through a unique dream interview process.

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One last thought on dream interpretation. I believe there is never only one interpretation of any dream, but countless messages and meanings as you look deeper and deeper into your dreams. This is why DreamsHelp will never tell you what your dream means, but will guide you in forming your own theory of its hidden messages and insights.

Please keep in mind that unexpected issues or emotions may emerge while writing and talking about dreams. Any dream submission will be kept private and confidential, as these elements are essential in creating a safe atmosphere for dream sharing. Remember, you the dreamer are always the decision maker regarding the true meaning and significance of your dream.

DreamsHelp is not a substitute for psychotherapy, or other professional treatment, and should not be used as such. If you would like a professional coach to help guide you through life changes and transitions, please visit www.theguidancecoach.com.


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